How To Play

Emoji Pop presents graphic images that you must piece together. Your objective is to take the letters that are in your rack (think Words With Friends) and correctly spell out the secret word that the images are trying to convey. The twist in this game is that you are on a speed clock and after successfully guessing the correct answer, it tells you how fast you were able to answer the question.

Early levels of the game will only feature 2 images, but as you continue to advance through the game, more images appear, which add a complexity to the secret words not present in other mobile apps.

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Emoji Pop Answers

Emoji Pop Answers is a fan-driven website devoted to helping you advance through all stages of the game. Answers for each level are available on the site, as well as a fan community on our Facebook page. Feel free to join the conversation and share your love for all things Emoji Pop with other fans of the game.